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Gifts Under $25

Looking for that perfect gift? Here is our selection of gifts under $25 including stocking stuffer favorites!
Holly Sharpe - Owner of Shore Rejuvenation Boutique

Our Mission

At Shore Rejuvenation Boutique we curate the best in clean, effective, luxury beauty and wellness products and wardrobe pieces that are effortless and chic to fit your modern lifestyle.

~Holly Sharpe

  1. Hand & Nail Cream
  1. Eyelashes Gold Coffee Mug
  1. Wife Mom Boss Rustic Campfire Coffee Mug
  1. Multiple Colors
  1. Generation Bee Lip Balm
  1. Metal Eye/Lip Liner Sharpener
  1. JETliner | Cardinal Sin
  1. Lash Liner With Sharpener
  1. JETliner | Oak
  1. M'lis Juicing Bottle
  1. Hair Clip Cactus